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In 1981, we built a single factory in Tangerang and became Indonesia’s first, non-government, manufacturer of distribution transformers for utilities and infrastructure.

We soon established a reputation for product quality and the ability to deploy our engineering capabilities for customized client solutions. In 1990, we became the first ISO certified transformer company in the country and the first domestic manufacturer of Current & Voltage transformers. Building on our quality advantage, we continued to introduce new products and customized solutions to become a strategic supplier to global M&E companies such as Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Meiden Engineering and Areva.

Today, we are Indonesia’s largest integrated transformer manufacturer servicing utility and multiple industry segments. With four specialized manufacturing facilities and a robust engineering infrastructure for product development, end-to-end quality control and technical services; we continue to extend our reach into high-specification industries such as oil & gas, mining, mass transport and data centres.

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