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Board of Comissioners

  • Maximiliaan Widjaja

    ( President Commissioner )

    Beside Trafoindo, Maximiliaan Widjaja also served as a President Director at PT Liang Chi Indonesia (since 2013), PT Ometraco Arya Samantra (since 2010), PT Matrikstama Andalan Mitra (since 2006), PT Ometraco Infraciti (since 2003. His past experiences include being a President Commissioner at PT Liang Chi Indonesia (2010-2013), Vice President at PT Ometraco Arya Samanta (2001-2010), Director at PT Liang Chi Indonesia (2000-2003), Assistant Vice President at PT Ometraco Arya Samanta (1996-2001), Marketing Manager at PT Ometraco Arya Samanta (1994-1996).

    He received his bachelor’s degree in 1992 from University Warner Pacific College and MBA degree from City University in 1994.

  • Ir. Suryono Limputra

    ( Commissioner )
  • Ir. Ngurah Adnyana

    ( Commissioner )

Director's Word

    Greetings to our respected customers and stakeholders,

    As the oldest and best-known transformer manufacturing company in Indonesia, for more than 40 years, Trafoindo has often been the first mover in catering the needs of PLN as well as the private sector in Indonesia for new types of electricity equipment products. And the spirit as the innovative company in Indonesian electricity industry is remain the same today.

    In the new era, where digitalisation is becoming the key element of business and the awareness of green energy is growing more than ever, We in Trafoindo understand that customer’s expectation is broaden than before. In relation to that, Trafoindo continuously to innovate by creating more Green products such as Green Transformers, and at the same time transforming the Company through digitalisation in order to enhance Trafoindo’s contribution in each of our customer’s success story.

    Further, We would like to express our huge gratitude to all of our customers who have put your trust in Trafoindo all these years. And only because of your trust, all the products which will be displayed in the following pages can be realized.

    Eventually, we are looking forward that in the near future we can deliver our innovations to support the success of your project.

    Thank you,

Board of Directors

  • Freddie Wibowo

    ( President Director )

    Mr. Freddie Wibowo was unanimously appointed by the Company’s shareholders in 2021 with the mandate to effectuate regeneration and transformation in facing the era of industry 4.0 in Indonesian electricity industry. Prior to becoming President Director of the Company, he had served as the Production and Operation Director in the Company’s subsidiary where he enormously scaled up the operation and revenue during the span of his 6-year services

    Freddie Wibowo is a sower of the Green Energy endeavour in the Company’s Group. One of his pioneering products that he has developed since he joined the group, namely EVC, has now become the market leader in Indonesia. His enthusiasm in Green Energy is immense and he believes the development of the Green products such as Green Transformers, will be a key factor which distinguish the Company from other player in the electricity industry.

    Through his vision and clear approach, Freddie Wibowo is ensuring that every part of the Company works together in creating values for the Customers, with four main points, namely productivity, efficiency, quality and after-sales. He is a believer that if you touch the Customer’s heart at the same time you have taken good care the other stakeholders.

    Freddie Wibowo holds Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from one of prominent university in Australia, the University of New South Wales.

  • David Limputra

    ( Vice President Director )

    Mr. David Limputra is the 2nd generation of the Trafoindo’s founders. He has been in the Company from 2002, and since then he has climbed the corporate ladder which made him understand every corner of the Company and its development. This valuable experience shaped his wisdom and knowledge and led him to master the transformer lifecycle business.

    As the Vice President Director, David Limputra’s main roles are overseeing Export Sales Division, Services and Quality Management System. These three areas which made Trafoindo as the best-known transformer manufacturing company in Indonesia today and the Global Player tomorrow.

    David Limputra holds Master of Business Management and Bachelor of Business Administration from one of reputable university in Australia, the Monash University.

  • Hendra Sunarya

    ( Private Sector Marketing Director )

    Mr. Hendra Sunarya was reappointed as the Director of the Company in General Meeting of Shareholders in 2021, to helm the Company's Private Marketing Sales Directorate. This reappointment demonstrates the confidence of the shareholders in Hendra Sunarya's work which has made the Company as the distribution transformers market leader in the private sector in Indonesia.

    Hendra Sunarya has developed his career in the Company since 1991, and has involved in uncountable private sector projects across Indonesia since then. His more than 30 years of experience and knowledge have made him the first person to be contacted by customers who need transformers in Indonesia.

  • Hari Bambang

    ( SOE Marketing Director )

    Mr. Hari Bambang is a seasoned executives who has a lot of experience in government projects. His track records in managing government projects combine with sound understanding to the government market’s needs make him the best person to lead Company's State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Marketing Directorate. Hari Bambang was reappointed in the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2021.

    During his almost a decade of tenure in the Company, Hari Bambang has lead his team to carry out many remarkable government projects and supported SOEs, Central and Local Government Institutions.

    Hari Bambang holds Bachelor of Economy from one of reputable university in Indonesia, the University of Trisakti.

  • Anung Prabowo

    ( Technical & Production Director )

    Mr. Anung Prabowo is an extensively experienced engineer who has long-years of services as the management including in the reputable multinational companies. Anung Prabowo’s wealth of technical knowledge combine with his passion in digitalisation technology have made every our product is specially crafted to meet the distinctiveness of customer needs.

    Anung Prabowo holds Master of Information Technology and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from one of ivy league university in Indonesia, the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

  • Aries Hadiwidjojo

    ( Finance Director )

    Mr. Aries Hadiwidjojo has served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company since the year of 2017. Prior to his appointment, Aries Hadiwidjojo had worked in various industries both in Indonesia and the United States for more than 20 years.

    As the heirs of the Trafoindo’s blue blood and by his lengthy experiences, Aries Hadiwidjojo believes that a lean supply chain, human capital and competent financial management are the pillars for Company’s success.

    Aries Hadiwidjojo holds Master of Business Administration from Woodbury University, a leading university in USA and Bachelor of Business Administration from one of reputable university in USA, the University of Loyola Marymount University.

Corporate Secretary

  • F.X. Hanni Irawan, S.H., M.H.

    ( Corporate Secretary )

    Mr. Irawan is an Indonesian Citizen, 37 years old, and born in Jakarta on September 13, 1979.

    Received Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Universitas Indonesia on 2003, and Master’s Degree in Law from Universitas Gadjah Mada on 2017.

    Mr. Irawan is Trafoindo's Corporate Secretary since 2017 and is Head of Legal and Compliance also since October 2016.